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Use our INPEAK FOREVER service to replace your old INPEAK power meter with a brand new device.


    • The warranty period has ended and the unit has failed,
    • You are changing to a different crankset and would like to stay with INPEAK,
    • Your equipment has suffered damage not covered by the warranty,
    • You want to upgrade to TWIN2, but your power meter is more than 2 years old,

In each case, we will install a brand new device on the crank you delivered and renew the 2-year warranty. The condition and age of your power meter does not matter, FOREVER targets everyone. The old device undergoing FOREVER service will be disposed of by us.

Choose our service to enjoy your NEW power meter on your new crank!

The INPEAK Forever service is dedicated to people who own an INPEAK power meter but as a result of a bike/equipment change want to have the power meter on a different crank arm.

The service covers:

    • removal of the powercrank from your old crank;
    • installation of brand new components on new crank;
    • firmware update to the latest version;
    • renewal of warranty for 2 years.
The service applies to both power meters under warranty and power meters after the warranty period. The condition of the device does not matter. We accept equipment both damaged (electronically) and in working order – this does not affect the price. INPEAK Team focuses on quality, long life of the equipment we produce, with concern for sustainability and the environment. We strive to make INPEAK power meters a product you buy not for a season, but for YEARS.
The service also includes upgrade of power meter to the newest version on the same crank arm.
If you have any questions please visit our page: FAQ – help
Weight 0,42 kg
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 7 cm


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