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What is the cookie policy?

This Cookie Policy, which is an extension of the Online Store Privacy Policy, concerns specific issues regarding the use of cookies, pixel codes and the implementation of other Internet technologies and the processing of personal data with their help.

In this Policy you will find information about:

– what are cookies and what are their types,
– what internet technologies are used on our Website,
– what data we process,
– how and for what purposes we use the data,
– to whom and how we send the data,
– for how long we store the information contained in cookies.

The cookies policy of the Online Store is not a source of obligations for the Visitor, the Customer of the Online Store. It is for information purposes only, it is not a contract or regulations. In all matters not regulated by the Cookies Policy, the Privacy Policy or the Regulations of the Online Store shall apply.


Contact details

The co-administrators of your personal data are Dawid Markiel, who runs a business under the name of Dawid Markiel, ul. Zabrodzka 40 lok. 2, 52-336 Wrocław, NIP: 8871626847, REGON: 366513121 and Marcin Kawalec, conducting business activity under the name of Marcin Kawalec, ul. Zabrodzka 40 lok. 2, 52-336 Wrocław, NIP: 8951920543, REGON: 366509071, running a business in the form of a civil law partnership Inpeak Dawid Markiel Marcin Kawalec S.C.
NIP: 8992809630 REGON: 366510542, ul. Lotnicza 139, 54-132 Wrocław.


§ 1. Does our website use cookies?

Yes, our Website, like most websites, uses cookies. The cookie policy applies to both the Customers of the Online Store and Visitors to the Online Store, i.e. users who browse the Store’s content but do not make purchases. The policy also applies to the Guest, i.e. the Visitor who does not purchase products in our store.

The website also uses functionalities similar to cookies. Therefore, the following provisions of the Cookie Policy should also be applied accordingly to these technologies.

§ 2. What are cookies?

Cookies are IT data, in particular small text information, stored on the user’s end device, e.g. on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, which can be read by our ICT system (own cookies) or the IT system of third parties (entities’ cookies). third). These files allow to recognize the user’s device and properly display the website tailored to his individual preferences, they enable displaying the website in the user’s language “remembered” by these files, as well as the use of other settings of the Website selected by the user. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, the storage time on the end device and a unique number.

A pixel is software code that tracks Website Visitors and their behavior on websites where pixels are placed. This can be basic tracking whether a person has visited the Website, up to the detailed tracking of activities such as adding a product to a cart, selecting a product, submitting a form, etc. A pixel can send the collected information to a third party, ie the code provider.

§ 3. What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies and other internet technologies used by us to:

  1. ensuring the functioning, security and reliability of our Website;
  2. adjusting the content of the Website to the preferences of the Customer or Visitor and optimizing the use of the Website. These files make it possible to save the user’s choices regarding the language, browser, settings of selected elements of the Website or resignation from profiled ads, as well as saving information about the user’s location;
  3. analyzing and creating statistics that help to understand how Visitors to the Website use its functionality, which allows improving its structure and content;
  4. for advertising purposes (including remarketing, retargeting) and connecting with social media, displaying behavioral advertising using the Google Ads tool, which is to provide Visitors and Customers with advertising content tailored to their interests or profiles, they can also be used to display advertisements outside the pages The website (also with the use of so-called third party cookies), i.e. at our advertising partners. Our goal is to develop an advertising offer that will be attractive and beneficial to our recipients, therefore, as part of behavioral advertising, the Customer and Visitor can primarily see information about products or services that they have already viewed or checked on our Website.

§ 4. Are personal data processed as part of cookies?

Yes, selected cookies may process your personal data in certain situations. The processing of personal data from cookies or similar technologies on our Website is carried out for the purposes of ensuring the functioning of the Website, adapting the Website to the preferences of the Visitor, Guest and Customer, or for analytical purposes. Processing is based on our legitimate interest. We would like to point out that the legal basis for the processing of personal data for advertising purposes and connecting with social media will always be your additional and explicit consent, expressed by making a selection and checking the checkbox during the process of consenting to cookies.

When a Visitor or a Customer uses the Online Store, cookies are used to identify their browser or device – cookies collect various types of information, which, as a rule, does not constitute personal data. Some information, depending on its content and use, may, however, be associated with a specific person – assigning certain behaviors to a specific Visitor or Customer.

§ 5. If cookies process personal data, is the Privacy Policy applicable?

Yes, in relation to information collected by cookies that may be associated with a specific person, the provisions of the Online Store Privacy Policy relating to personal data, in particular regarding the rights of the data subject, apply.

§ 6. Do I have to consent to the use of cookies?

During the first visit to our Website, you are shown information about the use of cookies by us. You can agree to them or not. If you do not agree to our use of cookies, we will only use the necessary technical cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of the Website. Cookies that do not belong to the group of technical files will only be loaded after you have given your consent to cookies (opt-in clause).

§ 7. Can I change my mind regarding the use of cookies?

Yes of course. If you have consented to our use of cookies, you can change your mind at any time and refuse to consent to their use in the future. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing which was carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal. However, it should be borne in mind that disabling or limiting the use of cookies may cause difficulties in using the Online Store, as well as many other websites that use cookies.

At any time, you can go to the cookie preferences on the website and adjust your choices again.

§ 8. How can I additionally manage my privacy?

If you want to additionally manage your privacy, here’s a list of tools that may be helpful:

  1. cookie settings within the web browser;
  • Google Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Privacy -> Content settings -> Cookies.
  • Internet Explorer cookies can be modified from the level: Tools -> Internet options -> Privacy;
  • Mozilla Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy.
  1. browser plugins supporting cookie management, e.g. ghosters,
  2. additional cookie management software,
  3. incognito mode in a web browser,
  4. behavioral advertising settings, e.g.,
  5. cookie management mechanism from the level of our website,
  6. Google Analytics Opt-out:,
  7. Google Ads Settings: ,
  8. Facebook Ads Settings:,

§ 9. Are cookies harmful?

The cookies we use are not harmful to the Visitor, Guest and Customer, or to the computer, mobile phone or end device used by them, therefore we recommend that you do not disable them in browsers.

The so-called harmless cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website, necessary to enable the functionality of the website, but their operation has nothing to do with user tracking.

On our website, we also use the so-called research cookies that we use to track Visitors to the Website, but do not include information that allows (without having any other data) to identify a specific user. In certain situations, we use profiling, more on in point 12.

§ 10. What are our own and technical cookies?

We use our own cookies (first party cookies) and technical cookies to ensure the proper operation of the Website. Our cookies are designed to facilitate the use of our Website, and in particular the functionality of the Store.

For our system, we use:

cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessaryThis cookie is used to store the user’s consent to cookies.
cookielawinfo-checkbox-non-necessaryThis cookie is used to store the user’s consent to cookies.
CookieLawInfoConsentThis cookie assigns consent to the use of cookies to a specific visitor.
pll_languageThis cookie detects the language of the Visitor’s browser.
viewed_cookie_policyThis cookie remembers whether the Visitor has opened the privacy policy.
woocommerce_cart_hashThis cookie helps you manage the items in your Shopping Cart.
woocommerce_items_in_cartThis cookie counts the number of rejected sessions.
wp_woocommerce_sessionThis cookie contains a unique code for each visitor so that he knows where to find the basket data in the database for each customer.
SERVERIDThis cookie is intended to direct the customer to the payment operator’s server.

§ 11. Do we use third party cookies?

Yes. Our Website, in order to optimize its functioning, also uses third-party cookies. We also use third party cookies for analytical and statistical purposes. Cookies also allow us to customize advertising and marketing content to your liking. Cookies are also used to increase the usability and personalization of the content of the Online Store.

§ 12. Do we use profiling?

Yes. Thanks to the cookies used in the Online Store, it is possible for the Administrator to familiarize himself with the preferences of the Visitor – e.g. by analyzing how often he visits the Online Store and whether and what products he buys. Profiling applies in particular to logged in people, i.e. customers. The analysis of Internet behavior helps to better understand your habits and expectations as well as adapt to their needs and interests.

Based on cookies, the Administrator also uses technology that allows you to reach Visitors who have previously visited the Online Store with the advertising message, while using other websites by using the Google Ads tool.

§ 13. What specific cookies, pixels and IT tools do we use?


Google Analytics. We use the Google Analytics tool provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Thanks to this, we create statistics and analyzes to improve the operation of the Website.

Google Analytics automatically collects information about the use of our Website. Importantly, we have IP anonymization turned on. Therefore, Google does not receive personal data from us that could be based on an IP number in combination with other data about Visitors or Customers.

As part of Google Analytics, we collect demographic data and data about interests. The collected information, which is not personal data, is most often transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there.

As part of Google Analytics, we also use subordinate services on our website, such as Google ADS, Google Optimize, and Google tag manager.

If you are interested in details related to data processing as part of Google Analytics, we encourage you to read the document prepared by Google:

Google Ads – conversion and remarketing. We use the Google Ads tool provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. As a result, we draw attention to our content and offers by means of advertising materials on external websites. We analyze data from advertising campaigns in order to optimize advertising activities. Advertising materials are provided by Google using the so-called “Ad Servers”. For this purpose, we use server cookies by which certain parameters for measuring the success of reaching the audience, such as the placement of advertisements or user clicks, can be measured. If you access our website via a Google ad, Google Ads will store a cookie on your device. For these cookies, for the purpose of value analysis, the following are usually stored: a unique cookie ID, number of views per ad placement (frequency), last impression (relevant for post-view conversion) and opt-out information (indication that the user does not wish to use). to be further taken into account). Cookies allow Google to recognize your internet browser. We do not collect or process any personal data on the basis of the above-mentioned advertising measures. We do not obtain any other data, we cannot identify users on the basis of the information obtained. Due to the marketing tools used, your browser automatically starts a connection with the Google server. Even if you are not registered with any Google services or logged in, it is possible that network providers may obtain and store your IP address.

We also use the remarketing tool in Google Ads, which allows us to present users of our website with interest-based advertising from other websites belonging to the Google advertising network. For this purpose, Google stores cookies in the browsers of users who visit certain Google websites or websites on the Google Display Network to uniquely identify the web browser on a specific device.

We encourage you to read the documents regarding GDPR and Google Ads:

§ 14. How long do we store cookies containing personal data?

Depending on the type, purpose and legal basis for processing cookies containing personal data, the cookies we collect may be stored for the time indicated in the table below.

Cookies collected by us containing personal data of a Visitor who is not a Customer will be stored until an objection is raised. The Administrator may delete Personal Data if they are not used for marketing purposes for 3 years, unless the law obliges the Administrator to process personal data for a longer period.

Part of the personal data may be stored longer in the event that the Visitor has any claims against the Administrator or in order to pursue claims by the Administrator or defend against claims (also third parties), for the period of limitation specified by law, in particular the Civil Code.

In each case, the longer period of storage of Personal Data is decisive.

The cookie expiry time, depending on its source, is from 1 day to 2 years. Some cookies expire after the end of the session.


§ 15. Which social media tools do we use?


Our Website uses plug-ins and other social tools provided by social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

By displaying a Website containing such a plug-in, your browser will establish a direct connection with the servers of social network administrators (service providers). The content of the plugin is transmitted by the given service provider directly to your browser and integrated with the website. Thanks to this integration, service providers receive information that your browser has displayed our website, even if you do not have a profile with a given service provider or are not logged in at the moment. Such information (including your IP address) is sent by your browser directly to the server of the given service provider and stored there.

If you have logged in to one of the social networking sites, this service provider will be able to directly assign a visit to our Website to your profile on a given social networking site. If you use a given plug-in, eg by clicking on the “Like” or “Share” button, the relevant information will also be sent directly to the server of the given service provider and stored there.

In addition, this information will be published on a given social network and will appear to people added as your contacts. The purpose and scope of data collection and their further processing and use by service providers, including the possibility of contact and Your rights in this regard and the possibility of making settings to protect your privacy are described in the privacy policy of individual service providers.

If you do not want social networking sites to assign the data collected during your visit to our Website directly to your profile on a given website, you must log out of this website before visiting our Website. You can also completely prevent loading of plugins on the website by using appropriate extensions in your browser, e.g. blocking scripts.

Cookies policy 1.0 is effective from September 24, 2021.

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