POWERCRANK READY TWiN2 | Shimano 105 FC-R7100


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Shimano 105 FC-R7100 crankset with integrated dual-sided POWERCRANK TWIN2 power meter.

Technical data:

    • Communication: ANT + PWR, Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Power range: 0 – 2000 W
    • Cadence range: 20 – 200 RPM
    • Measurement accuracy: ± 2%
    • Weight: serial crank weight + 10g [L], + 10g [R]
    • Internal battery: LiPo rechargeable cell
    • Battery life: up to 90 hours
    • USB charger required: 5VDC, 1000mA (1A) [not included]
    • Level of water resistance: IP67
    • Working temperature: -5°C to + 50°C
    • Battery charging temperature: + 5°C to + 40°C
    • Storage temperature: -20°C to + 50°C


Transmitted data:

    • Power [W]
    • Cadence [RPM]
    • L/R Balance [%],
    • Torque effectiveness (TE)[%],
    • Pedal Smoothness (PS) [%],
    • Cycling Dynamics (Power Phase, Position) – available only for selected Garmin watches and computers


Package Contents:

    • The dual-sided POWERCRANK TWiN2 power meter installed on a bicycle crankset.
    • USB charging cable with magnetic connector, 2m.
    • The card with device data and a PIN to access the mobile application.
    • User’s manual.
    • A set of stickers.


Product description:

POWERCRANK TWIN2 is our latest product, the result of years of experience and development of power meters. Dual-sided, rechargeable, compatible with the newest Shimano cranks, but above all precise – this is the new TWIN2. It was engineered to provide you with even more data, thus meeting the expectations of even the most demanding riders. The device consists of two sensors installed on both crank arms, so you can analyse the actual work of both the right and left leg. ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy allows you to connect with a wide range of cycling computers and sports watches. In addition, the INPEAK power meter will connect to your smartphone and benefit from a number of apps for data analysis and recording. The use of IMU inertial sensors and data filtering algorithms minimises to zero the negative impact of vibrations from uneven ground (gravel riding, cavities in asphalt, cobblestones). Precise and accurate readings of generated power regardless of weather conditions are ensured by the ATC automatic temperature compensation mechanism from -5°C to +50°C. The device exhibit waterproofing for reliability in all weather conditions – no need to worry about mud, rain, dust, just drive! Low power consumption means you rarely need to recharge the battery. Thanks to BLE technology and the INPEAK Manager mobile app, you will perform wireless power meter firmware updates. Production of the power meters takes place in the EU. 


Compared to the single-sided POWERCRANK V3 meters, the new features are:

    • battery power supply (device charged with a dedicated cable)
    • LEDs signalling the operating status
    • separate recording of left and right leg performance, measurement of R/L % balance values
    • support of Cycling Dynamics parameters (power phases, cycling position) – only with selected Garmin computers and watches


Main advantages:

    • Created in Poland – we sign this product ourselves
    • Low price – one of the cheapest solutions on the market
    • Accuracy – our R&D department does not compromise, faultlessness is what counts,
    • Individual calibration – each of the power meters installed by us is individually calibrated,
    • Active temperature compensation – temperature changes do not affect accuracy, the measurement adopts automatically,
    • Durability – proven by hundreds of professional cyclists


  Before making a purchase, check if your bike is suitable for fitting our power meter:

    • the clearance between the frame and the crank (LINK)
    • the bottom brake (aero) (LINK)
    • the power meter is only suitable for cranks that have ORIGINAL SHIMANO chainrings!


Do you have any questions? Visit our help desk.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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